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 Halls and suitable castles/slides

Borne spring centre st Marys rdup to Arch 12x15BH1 4QP
Springborne Christian centre Only Low ceiling BH1 4PP
St swithuns center Gervis rdAll bouncy castlesBH1 3ED
St clements church Boscombe up to Castle Slide on sideBH1 4DZ
St Lukes church hallOnly Low ceiling BH3 7LR
St Ambrose church Dudley slide/ low ceiling BH4 8BE
All Saints Upper hall oxford ave Low cartoon / slide frontBH6 5FD
Lady Queen of Peace Low ceiling BH6 3ER
Trinity Methodist church Southbourne rd up to Fun run BH6 5AQ
Immanuelle church Southbourne rd All bouncy castlesBH6 3QJ
Beaufort community centre All bouncy castlesBH6 5LB
Stourvale centre up to Slide front BH6 5JB
All saints lower hall southbourne only low clown BH6 5EH
St Peters school All bouncy castlesBH6 4AH
St James the greater up to 15X15 ARCHEDBH7 6DW
City Gate (Holdenhurst rd )All bouncy castlesBH8 8BQ
St Barnabus church Mountbatten drive. up to Slide front BH8 9JN
Annunciation church hall Charminster Low ceiling /Slide on side BH8 9RW
Holdenhurst village hall Slide side/slide on frontBH8 0EE
St Francais church Charminsterfront slide / arched 12x15 BH8 9SH
St Edmund Campion church up to Slide on Front BH8 9NT
St Andrews church hall CharminsterAll bouncy castlesBH8 8RD
Epithany church castle lane up to Fun runBH9 3JT
Muscliffe community center up to slide front BH9 3LR
St Albans church hall up to 15x15 arched BH9 1DW
Winton ROOPER memorial hallonly low cartoonBH9 2RB
Muscliffe youth Centre All bouncy castlesBH9 3LR
St Andrews church Kinson up to Adventure centre BH10 4DH
St Thomas church ensbury Park up to Slide front BH10 5BN
Kinson community centre up to Fantasy island / slide sideBH10 7LH
St Marks church All bouncy castles BH10 4HY
Corner stone church Holloway ave up to 15x15 arched BH11 9JR
Bearwood comm. Centre King John ave All bouncy castlesBH11 9TF
St Phillips church up to 15X15arched BH11 8AT
Newtown conservative club only Low ceiling / slide on front BH12 3LT
Sunny hill church , sunnyhill rdAll bouncy castlesBH12 2DH
Our lady Fatima church , up to 18x18BH12 3PB
Wesley hall , Wesley rdup to slide on front BH12 3BE
Gateway church , alder rd only Low ceiling BH12 4AA
St johns church , Surrey rdup to slide on front BH12 1EG
Bourne valley centre only low ceiling BH12 4EE
St Aldhelms church hall All bouncy castles BH13 6BT
St Aldhelms scout hut Only Low ceiling BH13 6BT
Parkstone Baptist church Loche rd up to Castle slide at frontBH14 9EX
St Johns Church Parkstone up to Slide on frontBH14 0AA
St Lukes church , Birchwood rdup to 15X15 Arched BH14 9EL
Church hall mount rd poole up to 12x15 arched BH14 0QW
St Peters Hall up to fun runBH14 0NN
Guide hall Langdon rdonly low cartoon BH14 9EH
Poole labour club upto front slideBH15 2BU
St clements church hallSlide on side /AdventureBH15 3PD
St Georges Church hall All bouncy castlesBH15 3EU
St Micheals church Hamworthy All bouncy castlesBH15 4HP
Urc Skinner street up to 12x15 arched BH15 1RQ
St Marys church poole up to 12x15 arched BH15 2EG
Upton community Centre up to 12x15 ArchedBH16 5JA
Lychett Matravers village hall up to 18x18 BH16 6DF
Canfordheath Community Centre All bouncy castlesBH17 8UB
Creekmoor community centre up to Fun run BH17 7XZ
Beacon church up to 15X20 BH17 8UE
St Pauls church Canfordheath only low cartoon / slide frontBH17 9DW
Hillbourne community centre Slide front /Slide sideBH17 7EY
Scout Hall Canfordheath All bouncy castles BH17 8AP
Broadstone Memorial hall up to slide front BH18 8AP
Broadstone scout hall up to slide on front BH18 8AA
Studland village Hall up to 12x15 Arched BH19 3AJ
Morden Village hall up to Fun run BH20 7DL
Bovington Memorial hall All bouncy castlesBH20 6JQ
Corfecastle village hall up to 12x15 arched BH20 5EE
St Edwards church corfe castleup to 12x15 arched BH20 5EZ
Holtwood community hall up to front slide BH21 7DT
Horton village Hall up to Arch castle BH21 7JA
St Nicholas church All bouncy castlesBH21 3LE
Colehill Methodist Hall up to Adventure centre BH21 7AT
Colehill Memorial hall up to Slide Front BH21 2LS
Horton & Chalbury Hall Dudley BH21 7JA
Three legged cross village hall up to Slide front BH21 6SG
Holtwood Methodist church up to 15x15 arched BH21 7JD
Holt Village hall Only Low cartoon BH21 7DQ
St Johns church legg lane Only low ceilingBH21 1AE
Witchampton village hall up to slide side BH21 1HR
Sturminster marshall memorial hallup to Front slide BH21 4BQ
Corfemullen village hall up to 18x18 / fun runBH21 3UA
St Nicholas church Corfemullen up to slide front BH21 3LE
Lantern church Merley Only low clown BH21 1SQ
Elim pentacost church leigh rdupto 15x20 arch BH21 1AE
Ferndown village Hall All bouncy castles BH22 9ET
St Marks church west Parley up to slide on front BH22 8EW
Heatherlands center up to Adventure centre BH22 8AG
The Barrington centre up to 15x15 arched BH22 9 TH
West Parley Memorial hall up to slide front BH22 8SQ
Westmoors memorial Hall up to 18x18BH22 0HS
Ferndown youth centre (RIFFS)up to slide front BH 22 9FB
Portfield Hall only Low cartoon / slide on front BH23 2AQ
Highcross church up to 12x15 Arched BH23 3EB
Mudeford wood comm. Center All bouncy castlesBH23 4TR
St Marks church hall up to slide on front BH23 5AA
St Catherines Church up to slide on front BH23 8BN
Bransgore church hall up to slide on front BH23 8AJ
Guide hall Clough rd up to slide on front / Slide side BH 24 1UX
Ibsley Village Hall up to slide on front BH24 3NL
Ellingham church hall up to slide on front BH24 3PJ
Greyfriars community centre up to slide on sideBH24 1DW
St leonards & st ives village hall up to slide front / slide sideBH24 2PQ
Verwood Memorial Hall All bouncy castles BH31 7AA
St Micheals Verwood up to slide on front BH31 6DZ
The Guide HQ Manor rd Verwood up to Arched 12x15 BH31 6DY
Verwood Methodist church up to 12x15 Arched BH31 6DR
Verwood Parish halls Manor rdupto 15x15 arched BH31 6DZ
The hideaway Verwood british legion up to Slide front BH31 7PD
Stratton Village hall All bouncy castles DT 2 9WG
Martins town village hall up to Adventure centre DT2 9LF
Crossways Village hall up to 12x15 arched DT2 8JA
Pimpern village hall up to fun runDT11 8UZ
Tarrant Keyneston village hall up to 12x15 arched DT11 9JE
Durweston village hall All bouncy castles DT 11 0QA
Spetisbury village hall All bouncy castles DT11 9DT
Lyndhurst Baptist church up to Slide on front SO43 7FG
Boldre war memorial hall up to Fun run SO41 8PE
Alderholt village hall up to Slide on side SP6 3RB

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